Monday, April 5, 2010

"Let Them Eat Fake"

Rachel Maddow last week, went on an itemized, detailed, factual enumeration of the Lies that the RNC, Faux News, and Republicans mouth pieces have been spouting. (link to video here)

She starts off debunking the made up ACORN videos that got so publicity earlier this year, and eventually wound up leading to ACORN closing it's doors, no longer helping community organizers. See, the California Attorney General (a Republican, with a Republican governor) found that the videos were highly edited, showed no wrong doing, and hyped the perception that ACORN was acting as a facilitator of pimping, when it had actually called the police on the spoiled little white boy who was trying to "catch them" in some heinous act.

After the ACORN debunking, she goes on to call out the lies that Climate Deniers continue to spout on Faux News (Climate Gate). When no one has "changed their minds" in the scientific community. Much to do about nothing Faux, the reputable, peer reviewed scientific community all stand firmly behind human influenced climate change.

"The un-mooring of politics from facts". "The triumph of fake politics":
  • Republican Outrage over recess appointments? They're faking it. Bush used them constantly.
  • Republican Outrage over an individual mandate in Health Care reform? It's a Republican idea.
  • Republican Outrage over terrorism suspects being read Miranda right? Bush's admin did it hundreds of times.
  • Republican Outrage over civilian trials for terrorism suspects? Bush tried Richard Reid the shoe bomber in a civilian court after he attempted to blow a plane enroute to Miami. ...Just as the underpants bomber will.
  • Republican Outrage over the stimulus not working, but when they go to their home distructs, they brag about all the jobs it's creating.
  • Law suits against Health Reform = Bull
  • Death panels in Health Care reform = Bull
  • Birth Certificate Deniers = Bull
  • Fear of Census = Bull (but advantageous to the Blue states who fill them out fully)
  • Threats to end the 2nd Amendment = Bull
  • 1000s of armed IRS agents will come as storm troopers to enforce Health Reform = Bull
  • Obama admin taking away the right to go fishing = Bull
  • Scott Brown running against Rachel Maddow = Bull
"Dissent is not the aberration in Democracy. Dissent is the norm. Our political vitality depends on dissent." ..."But has there ever been a time when we share so few POLITICAL FACTS."

"You can't threaten to shoot people, and you have to stop making stuff up."

Unlike Olbermann's righteous indignation and borderline histrionic delivery, Rachel Maddow's fact filled, well researched, level headed presentation is a refreshing change.

I checked, Fox News, Media Matters, Think Progress, and Snopes, and no one has refuted or rebutted Rachel's itemization of Republican lies. If she got something wrong, no one is screaming about it.

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