Friday, April 16, 2010

Arizona's Packin Serious Heat

Conceal Carry Permits are no longer needed in Arizona (link here). Yeeeee Hawwww! The wild west is still alive and well. How many citizens will be killed, by unstable, furiously angry, stupid cast members of Idiocracy who inhabit the Grand Canyon state, remains to be seen. yes, it WILL reduce some crime... if everyone is packin, then criminals will think twice.... but...

I am thinking about road rage... and when I was 18 and my brother was 20 and we were driving back from Chicago after working painting all day at our father's print shop on printer's row South Clark street, and my older brother merged onto the highway too rapidly for a fellow Chicagoan motorist (in a van with Indiana plates no less) and the person we slightly cut off pulled along side us, pulled out a chrome plated hand gun, and pointed it up at the van. My brother took off in what became a high speed chase... escaping onto the Skyway when we took the right hand ramp at the last minute and our pursuer was in the lane to our left. And Illinois had NO conceal / open carry law.

Yes, IL is not AZ, and less than a 100 years ago, people were all carrying firearms in this territory (we've not hit our centennial yet). I was chased in NW IN once too by an armed couple in a large boat of a car who were furious that we pummeled their vehicle with snow balls before the chase began... And in Arizona they've had an open carry law since becoming a state... but now everyone can carry a gun on their person, in their car, under their coat, and no safety class is needed. The 'federal screening' is a joke - I've had it done each time I've bought a firearm, and the 2 minutes it takes are rather meaningless.

Hopefully, no one I know will be shot by this new expansion of individual rights in the Sonoran desert. Il faut voir.

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  1. Look on the bright side...maybe someone will shoot Joe Arpaio.


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