Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New York City Accent Infections

Matt Stone and Trey Parker have forever infected my brain with "Sheila Broflovski Syndrome". This morning, I am listening to a radio interview on KJZZ where a woman named Dr. Jane Aronson from the Worldwide Orphan Foundation was speaking... and each time she said certain things in her very prominent New York City accent, all I could think of was Mrs. Sheila Broflovski.

On the flight from NYC to St.Thomas last month, the head cabin matron / flight attendant sounded just like her too. It was impossible for my brain to process the words independently, and I think I am pretty adept at languages.

Call = cwawwl

Normal = nooooomal

Orphanage = Aw-For-nehge

Opportunity = Op-pooooor-two-nity

Tom = Toe-meh

Traumatized = Traw-meh-TYE-zhed

Foster Care = Faw-stah Khhhh-air

Disorder = Dis-Ore-duh

Horrible = Haaar-able

Pathway = Paaah-thway

Sister = Sistah

I know people who live in NYC - they moved there after high school or college. And I know and work with people who used to live in NYC, or who went to school there for many years... but they do not speak like Sheila Broflovski. Now, whenever I hear a middle aged female NYC accent, I want to respond to her "What What What!?!?"

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