Thursday, April 29, 2010

Portuga Vinno Regional Estremadura

Along with the cheap Malbecs that I picked up at Sprouts last week, I purchased a $6 Portuguese wine - 2007 Portuga, Vinho Regional Estremadura, imported by HGC importers, San Jose CA. It wasn't bad, for $6. My last encounter with Portuguese wine was with a group of Spanish clients, at a business dinner, where they elected to go to a Brazilian Steak House (all you can eat protein). NEVER offer a Portuguese wine to a group of Spanish customers - really, really, bad idea.

It was only the 2nd time I was threatened with a knife at dinner. The other was a Frenchman from Alsace who was FIERCELY patriotic & "Anti-Allemagne" when I mis-spoke to say that Belfort was "both German & French".

It's not easy to find good, drinkable $5 and $6 bottles of wine in the US, but I am going to keep trying.

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