Monday, April 5, 2010

Glass Menagerie at the Herberger Theater

Dr Desert Flower and I went to see our first professionally performed play here in Arizona last Friday night at the Herberger Theater Downtown. Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie was making a run, and the local KJZZ NPR station gave it a rave review. We paid for the "good seats" at E105 & 106, but the Herberger is so small, we could have paid for the cheaper seats and still seen a good show, and saved ourselves $40.

The play was acted well, and presented in a style that Tennessee Williams would probably have approved. The mother character (Amanda) I found very grating - as she was written and intended to be, much 'too close to home'. The daughter character (Laura) was so frail as to risk collapse and a total break down, from our 3rd row seat - also as written by Williams. The narrator's (Tom) character was acted well, and "likable". Neither DDF nor I had ever seen the minimalist play before... so it was an interesting experience.

Second City is coming later this year to the Herberger... we'll probably go.

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