Monday, April 12, 2010

Today's Big Number: 200

200 last night, after chopping up a 1000 lbs of cactus. Now it's time to "stop trying" and just eat carbs from time to time. I'm not going to stop eating protein, local & natural foods, and avoid food stuffs whenever possible, though I did have some Peeps that we picked up at Target on 75% post-Easter discount while our Fence Post cactus was busy falling down in our absence - I bought the Peeps, Dr.Desert Flower doesn't like them. I washed them down with 3 bottles of beer - mmmm.

I used to have a 50" chest, and that's slimmed down to 46", while waist went from +40 to 35... but 34 pants fit me again for the first time in 23 years. Bike riding has thighs up to 23 inches now, so I want to moderate that and avoid an Eric Heiden (27") look. It only took me 8 and a 1/2 months to drop 20% of my body mass by ceasing to eat grains, cereals, and so called "low fat" foods. Thanks to my friends Ron, Zim, Matt,and Mike S for setting good examples for me to follow!


  1. Peeps and beer??

    well done, though!

  2. I hadn't had Peeps in at least 10 years... and there they were, lining the shelves at Target's after Easter sale.... less than a buck a package. The beer was medicinal, after chopping up 1/2 a ton of cactus.

    Massive amounts of Carbs are evil, and I avoid them daily now. A radical change in perspective since my bread & cereal eating previous 4 decades!

  3. Very nice, Joe! I figure you and I are close to what we weighed around the time we met some 22+ years ago.

    D. and I had blood work done, and fwiw it is great, despite our "artery-clogging high-fat diet". I do though hate the regular arguments with people brainwashed by 40+ years of low-fat BS, including dietitians, nurses, doctors, students, etc. Some of the things I've been forcefully told:

    "Your brain needs carbs to function." My brain did fine during the time I was eating less than 20g of carbs per day. In fact it was better, because I didn't have those weird mood swings that accompany sugar crashes.

    "Carbs are what tells your body when you are full." No comment on how f-ing wrong this is.

    "You lost your weight by losing muscle". Really, I lost 40+ pounds and am just as strong as ever, but I lost it all through muscle loss? Really, that would be quite remarkable.

    "Well, it's just because that restrictive diet made you eat less." No, 3000 calories per day during the time I was losing 5 pounds per week.

    "Ha! Wait until you get see your blood work." Wuh-rong!

  4. I think rum or bourbon is the proper pairing with peeps.

  5. Cruzan Dark Rum would be the best I think... I'll keep that in mind for next year. Peeps all gone here.

    Matt, I concur. I've heard the same crap, often, and argued with y father's medicare dietitian about it as well, who has completely drank the kool aid and who wants my insulin injecting father to have a kool aid based diet as well - guess that's part of the "death panel" republicans are so afraid of.
    As to loss of muscle mass... I feel in better shape now - I don't have 10K data as Ron took at new years - but I don't get fatigued, lethargic, zoned out. OMG - I Just realized... I WAS in a fog, on Monday, as my liver tried to figure out what the poly sorbate and sugar in the Peeps were! Retrospectively, I was standing around, trying to THINK and REMEMBER what I was doing with all those carbs running around my system... more recent data. It all makes sense.

    Dropping body fat, and increasing muscle tone, I FEEL much better, have more energy, get more done, and I'm not pre-occupied looking for my next bite of food throughout the day. It's liberating. The lower Hba1c has also cut my cardiac risk in 1/2, so I won't wind up like most of my deceased older male relatives, as rapidly as they declined.

    Back to a call with India...


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