Monday, April 26, 2010

Oasis Mediterranean Hummus with Pine Nuts

This stuff, is da bomb. A giant tub, for $7 at Costco. Organic celery, or organic carrots (for me), I cannot get enough of this stuff. Cumin, olive oil, pine nuts, chickpeas, it's delicious. I've found I can devour a tub of it in a week, left to my own devices while Dr Desert Flower is busy jetting off to conferences. She prefers it with whole wheat pitas - too many carbs for me.

Costco also has jalapeno flavored tubs of this hummus as well, but I don't like my hummus to have a kick. Introduced to it by our friend Tory in Gilbert earlier this month, I'm on my third tub already. MMMMM

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  1. A lot of hummus here has veg oil as the main oil, even ones that explicitly advertise having olive oil in them.


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