Tuesday, June 3, 2008

War on Terre Haute

Having been born and raised and educated in the Hoosier State, I found this classic clip (2 years old, is that "classic"?) wonderfully reminiscent. Dan Bakkedahl is not my favorite correspondent, but a mediocre Bakkedahl report is better than 90% of any Jason Jones' reports.

It's also nice that Comedy Central has REMOVED the annoying ads they used to force people to watch before they can see a clip! =)



  1. "pie-giving angels"... ah, just as I remember it, then

  2. Hey... there Are some very good pies in the Midwest. My buddy Craig and his wife Paula started a business that makes such delicious pies!


    ...of course, they DID move to Chicago's north side, and are raising their new twins in the city (born Jan08).

    Delicious Pies are not antithetical to Indiana. =)


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