Thursday, June 5, 2008

Public Speaking 101, compare & contrast

compare and contrast

McCain (not a maverick, or straight talker, for the last 18 months)


Obama (not a secret time traveling Muslim)

If, when speaking publicly, the ability to
- use the English language
- inspire an audience enthusiastically
- draw a large crowd
- read a teleprompter
- present original material
- inspire your critics and many pundits to comment positively upon you
- present a vision for the future
- not base your speech entirely upon your opponents' talking points
- get more than a C+ in a public speaking class any indicator of how a general election can go, then the election in November should be a landslide of Reagan-esque proportions, for the Democrats (if they don't blow it).

It makes me cringe to think back at how I used to subscribe to McCain's straight-talk email mailing list. Ouch.


  1. Last night on hate radio they were discussing that Obama's ability to speak well and intelligently is akin to the manipulations of the serpent in the Garden of Eden - the machinations of Satan.
    I love talk radio.

  2. The "Satan in the Garden of Eden" thing, attributable to Obama, has been pushed by the right wing nuts since late 2007. Google found this for me



    When you've got no offense, go on defense I guess. =)

    Thanks for the head's up Jill!


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