Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Have you Hugged your Hummer?

I heard on the radio today, how GM is considering selling off the Hummer Brand.

Wait! I thought Hummers were better than hybrids. I read all about it here, at Reason.org back in 2006, and also over here in 2006 at the absolutely factual and unbiased "Weekly Standard" (The Hybrid Hoax They're not as fuel-efficient as you think.) and on endless blogs and commentaries in the last 5 years.

And GM pulled the plug on their "lease only" EV1 that spawned the interesting movie "Who Killed The Electric Car?" ( http://www.whokilledtheelectriccar.com/ )

And our genius president, back in 2003 stated "a comprehensive energy plan must encourage consumption" (Remarks by the President on Energy Efficiency, The South Lawn, 25 Feb 2002 [Pre-Iraq]).

So according to all the SUV loving naysayers, and Me First, Me First, Me Firsters! ... it's a bad idea to buy smaller cars that are more fuel efficient. Isn't it?

Hmmmm... it's interesting what $4/gal petrol prices will cause consumers to do. As the visionary S.Colbert has stated "the market has spoken, it must be true".

The back-pedaling that red staters will be doing in the months to come as they pretend they've never said such ludicrous things in years past will be interesting to watch.


  1. I heard this today too~~~ Imagine, a world without Hummers...

    Anyway, your blog inspired me to update mine tonight:


  2. A world without hummers?!? That would be like marriage!

    Buh-dum... psssht!

  3. Vivid imagination you have. Like most liberal guys you think with nonlogical feminine pathways. Why not just get the sex change operation. While its cute when women think like women its down right repulsive when a guy does it. If you think you are hip or trendy because the latest style to to expel socialist ideas you are nothing but a hipster duface. As it turns out you are never so uncool as when you try to play cool. I'm willing to contribute 100 USD for your operation....quit talking and go get it.

  4. Gray Background tones, because despite many peoples' view that Everything in the world is simply Black or White, (all fundamentalists, many engineers, few scientists, lots of confused persons, many digital thinkers) there's all sorts of shades of gray, everywhere you look.

    ......and only a bonehead like you can tell the difference right? Damn you are dumb.

  5. Wow, what mis-guided, visceral hatred and vitriol, spewed forth, from "right said fred".

    Perhaps he was just too sexy for his own shirt? I don't know, I've never met him, or made his acquaintance, so I won't judge him - as he's so eager and itchin to judge others, and paint everyone who disagrees with him with the same broad brush. I hesitate to lump him in with other "knuckle dragging conservatives"... but you know, stereotypes are based in facts.

    I can understand disagreeing with someone's blog, but to sit home on a Saturday night, alone, blasting insults at people, it's truly pathetic.

    My very hot wife thinks you're a complete idiot "fred" - and she wants to know what's wrong with being a girl? (again, contributing to the "I have a Y chromosome, I am inherently superior" paradigm.

    "fred" - a sad little boy who doesn't even have the courage to identify himself on google blogger. Tsk tsk tsk. LOL. But thank you, little boy, for the truly amusing, and character revealing comments you have clandestinely spouted this evening. I won't go into detail mocking you, as you do such a fine job all on your own.

    My good buddy Matt (who has commented earlier) told me how he used to pull up next to Hummer drivers at stop lights in his Subaru WRX, and admiring state "hey, nice Hummer you've got there" as the male driver and a female companion in the passenger seat would smile and thank him, he'd then add, turning to the passenger "does it really compensate for the small penis?" In his rear view mirror as he pulled, he'd see the woman laughing, hysterically. I myself have used this amusing tactic twice in the years since Matt first told me about it. Incredibly funny.

    And sorry to shatter your little paradigm "fred", but I am not a "liberal", nor am I a "conservative", I am just a guy who finds contrasts very interesting. "nonlogical feminine pathways" - you're a tremendous piece of work, "fred". Best of luck to you!


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