Wednesday, June 18, 2008


"The Audacity of Fear" ... Baracknophobia

June 16th Daily Show opening segment (7 minute video) was not only remarkably funny, but factual, poignant, and amazing in that It Took A Comedy Show to "call bullshit" on lies put forth by by Faux News, CNN (repeatedly), MSNBC, et al.
"Some guy I never heard of dot com, is just reporting now, that Barack Obama has lady parts" - LOL!
There's 2 minutes of Hannity Insanity in the middle of the segment got a little tiresome... but wait until the end, where they compare - word for word as Faux news reports - an Obama speech with a Cuomo speech from 20 years ago that Faux news has claimed is "plagiarism". "Practical Verbatim".

"OF TO WE" .... yes... "OF TO WE '82" ... and "OF TO WE '08"... and the kool-aid drinkers lap this stuff up as their elixir of hope for a continued plutocracy.

Amazing what some networks try to pass off as journalistically responsible news reporting now a days.

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  1. I saw that on Colbert. Genius! Colbert and Jon Stewart have been on fire all week. Great stuff!


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