Friday, June 20, 2008

Amazing SW Images

My friend Jason has posted some truly stunning photos on on his webpage, They're of Arizona, Utah, and some of the stunning landscapes, geological features, and places that you typically "can't see from the road". Jason's a determined young man who likes to get as far away from humanity as possible when communing with nature. The images here are uniquely inspiring, award winning, and some of them look other-worldly.

[note, to enjoy these images, one must have a high speed connection, or patience that is glacial (pre-Bush Admin) in breadth (since 20 years from now, we'll probably no longer have glaciers)]


  1. You believe in global warming! ahh haa ! .... you are laughable! Only goof falls for that one!

  2. "Only goof falls" ....yeah... "only goof". LMFAO!


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