Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bill Moyers turns tables on Fox

This link, courtesy of Crooks and Liars, is wonderful!

Bill O'Falafel's laughable producer Porter Barry get's smacked down by Bill Moyers when he tries to ambush him. My buddy Rick has worked closely with Bill Moyers in recent years. A total class act. Consumate professional, reputable journalist, all-around good human-being. I've never seen such a polite, gentile, smooth, calm, persuasive elder-statesman argument put forth, to an obviously out-gunned, little slime ball, worthless little slug (or, more eloquently put, 'pièce de merde').

The clip is kind of long, but it's well worth it.

"Has Bill ever done any reporting?"
(then, off screen... "He did 'A Current Affair' ") - SNICKER! SNICKER! GUFFAW!
"That's right, he did 'A Current Affair' " - too damn funny!

"Bill is not a journalist, he's a pugilist" - LMAO!

"If Bill O'Reilly wants to lie, let him lie, you don't have to lie for him" - superb!

"I will come on the O'Reilly show first, when Rupert Murdoch explains why we are not getting $20 a barrel oil that the Iraq war would deliver" - BAM! gotcha!

Near the end of the clip... (it is 9 minutes) American News Project asks Porter:
"I just want to know one, thing. Is what you're doing journalism?" - LOL!

It'll be interesting to see how the footage gets cut and spliced for O'Falafel's show (since his camera crew was there as well with Porter).

It's good to laugh! =)

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