Friday, December 9, 2011

Fonseca Porto Bin No 27

About 2 years ago, Dr Desert Flower got a Port buying spree.  She'd had a taste of a "ok" Port at the last good Wine tasting they had there, and we bought several bottles.  I've never been a huge fan of Port.  It's too sweet for my tastes, and it gives DDF a head ache after one glass.  Why we bought any is still beyond my understanding, but in our wine rack in our dining room, we had several bottles of Port.

2 weeks ago, DDF opened the Fonseco Porto Bin No 27.  We got it, I think, for about $20.  I didn't like it at all when it was opened:  strong overwhelming flavors of Robitussin Cherry Cough Syrup, solvent-like after taste.  And it of course, induced the traditional headache in the cranium of my beloved scientist wife after a tiny, 4 ounce glass.  "We can cook with it maybe" I thought, and put it in the fridge.

2 or 3 days later, I was looking for something to have a night cap before bed, and I tried a sip with some trepidation.  I was amazed, to find that chilled, and 3 days older, it actually tasted quite good.  I can't really recommend it as an awesome Port, but it was drinkable, and over the next week we did not have to pour it down the drain.


  1. What ports have you tried? A good 10-yr-old Tawny shouldn't taste like cough syrup.

  2. I've had 1/2 a dozen or so Ports over the last 10 years at restaurants. Nothing that stands out, other than the sweetness. Traci has also expressed her preference for Tawny Port, so in the future, we'll steer in that direction.


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