Monday, December 5, 2011

Kokopelli Takes Out Baby Jesus

Today I was on an international call for work, and I heard a loud CRASH in my home.  I thought someone was breaking in... so I asked the Canadian I was speaking to wait a moment please, grabbed one of my Estwing Hammers, and darted abut the house, looking for a prowler.  I found none, and returned to the call 2 minutes later, apologizing to the nice Canadian profusely.  He understood, as he works from home too.

After the call, I walked around the house, wondering "what the heck crashed?"  Then, in the dining room, I found the Nativity scene that Dr Desert Flower put on her dining room buffet with the stained glass Kokopelli that had previous hung in the 12 inch x 12 inch window, 6 feet above it, laying in the middle of the Nativity scene.  It seems that Kokopelli couldn't stand being above the 8lbs, 10 ounce baby Jesus, and crashed down upon him with precision.  "Christian 'Saviour' in my desert? I don't think so!"

One of DDF's colleagues, Dr Todd, interpreted this as "Jesus sacrificing his life for us all" - but I don't see it that way.  I look at this as a pre-emptive strike by Kokopelli.  He was upset that the stain glassed representation of him did not have a HUGE phallus, as traditionally, the indigenous peoples of the Sonoran desert have depicted him (he plays a "flute" after all!).  And perhaps, as Kokopelli is a mischievous spreader of mirth, he wanted to modify the Nativity scene to have all the other statuettes paying homage to the camel, which is now the centerpiece.  =)

We used to have an elaborate hummingbird stained glass window hanging in that same window, that we bought in Tijuana 2 years ago, but it crashed and shattered (no baby Jesus to beak it's fall).  Me thinks that window suction cups in Arizona are just too weak, hampered by the remarkably low humidity the suction cup cannot maintain a strong seal on the window, dries out, and pop's off - but that is not as interesting as propagating the Kokopelli vs Jesus mythos. 

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  1. What are you doing with that fairy-tale bullshit adorning you house anyway?!? Always remember, "Keep Christ[tm] out of Solstice!"


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