Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mocha Porters, Wings For Brunch, and Impotent Bears

Dr Desert Flower and I enjoyed a Rogue Mocha Porter and a pint of the Old Chicago Black Diamond Porter, with some chicken wings of various flavors.  We could not enjoy the dismal performance of Da Bears, who struggled to put even 3 points on the board.  Yes, Matt Forte, Da Bear's running back and work horse got a helmet-to-the-knee, and is probably out for the rest of the season, but Kansas City lost their starter (Orton, a former Bears reject), and did not too badly.

In addition to the delicious Porters and wings, we saw Miami decimate Oakland, which was particularly sweet after last week's Raider run in near my neighborhood.    Old Chicago on Bell Road is indeed THE PLACE to watch a Bears game on the West Side of Phoenix - sadly, it's the North West side, about 20 miles from our home, but it is closer than Bruno's in Fountain Hills on the far far farrrr East side of Phoenix (takes over an hour to get there from here).

I sure hope Manning and the Giants can stop the juggernaut known as Aaron Rodgers and the accursed Green Bay Packers.


  1. Ware for 2 point conversion ... Giants might pull this off!!

  2. Sadly, Rodgers showed how easy it is for him and his offense to march the ball down the field, and into field goal range - no Over time needed. Oh well.


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