Monday, December 19, 2011

RECAMIER, 176 pts

Recamier, from Merriam Webster
This morning, while playing Scrabble online, I had a moment akin to last February's "Ebonized" word played.  This time it was Recamier, not a chaise lounge, but similar to it, played in a triple-double word score. It was worth 176 points (doubled the "M" as well). I wound up winning by almost 300 points.  Yeah, I'm "Puscifer" now - lol! - thanks to my buddy Ryan's influence. 

I think I will stop playing Scrabble for the day. I've already finished my Christmas Card mailings... for those of you who I have your addresses, enjoy the Polar Bears.  For those of you who would like a personalized holiday card from JustJoeP, send me your address [justjoepblog at gmail dot com] and you too can get one of these 'timeless collector items', delivered to your very address by the ever-valuable United States Postal Service.  I like and appreciate the USPS.  On some days - especially when Dr Desert Flower works really late - the USPS is the only face-to-face human interaction I have with another person.  

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