Saturday, December 24, 2011

Recoleta Malbec Rosé

Fresh & Easy sells a variety of Recoleta wines from Argentina.  $4 or $5 a bottle, they are delicious, light, wonderful table wines.  Last week's South Mountain hike was capped off by a bottle of Recoleta Rosé (pairing link here).  I did not realize it was a Malbec until after Nathan Jr read the back of the label to me - I did not have my reading glasses, and with the sun setting, the dim light makes it much harder to read.  Thank goodness iPhones come with a BRIGHT reading light ap... I use it each time we go to a dimly lit restaurant to be able to read the menu.

I picked up this Recoleta Rosé at the local Fresh & Easy the week before.  While in much of the US it is too cool to drink a chilled Rosé, here in Phoenix, it is still appropriate with a warm sunset or a sunny afternoon on the patio.

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