Monday, December 5, 2011

China's Most Popular Export - Pollution

Undoctored, honest photo, Not "weather induced".
Marketplace had a report today akin today to "Dog Bites Man" entitled "China Exports Pollution, Too".  Really?  Wow!  (link here) Who would have known that? (except that I've been beating that drum for years, here, and here).  It IS Nice though, that mainstream media is reporting what I've already been saying, proving I am not just a negative curmudgeon or a China basher.  I remember years and years of not being able to see even a 1/2 mile in China, no sun, no birds, no clouds, just a pall of snog over everything.. and that was 200 million fewer people, a trillion less in debt, and 10 years ago.  3 years of nasty pollution from '99 to 2002... but that was only 6 months of my life (intermittently) and 13 different airports all around the country.  Yeah, it was an anomaly.

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