Friday, December 2, 2011

Turn It Up To Eleven

Dr Desert Flower and I were going to try and go to see Puscifer - Maynard James Keenan's from Tool's side project, at the Mesa Arts Center next Friday... but tickets are nearly sold out with only "very limited view" seats available.  That sucks.  Why do concert promoters and performance venues even try to seell such tickets?  We saw The Cure that way at the Dodge Theater.   or rather, we saw 1/2 the Cure, the other half was hidden behind a stage edge wall that blocked out the drums, bass, video screens, and back-up singers.. and it was not very enjoyable.

Here's a nice animated feature "Man Overboard" - 'about to turn it up to eleven' - from Puscifer.  Tip of the hat to my buddy Ryan for alerting me to the concert.   Wag of the finger to the Mesa Arts Center for trying to sell really pathetic seats.

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  1. Parents might want to screen this video, prior to showing it to young children. Not so much the video content.. but some of the lyrics may raise "Clinton-esque" parental questions.


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