Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kirkland Malbec

COSTCO appears to have good taste in COSTCO (Kirkland) branded alcoholic beverages.  Their vodka compares favorably in blind taste tests and price to Ketel One and Grey Goose, and now they are selling a Malbec for $9.99 a bottle.  $10 is my "cut off for skepticism" so I picked up a bottle last week on my run through the store. 

I was pleasantly surprised Friday night when we opened it with dinner.  Granted, it was NOT the first bottle of the night, on a dinner with friends, chez leurs, but it was tasty and full bodied.  I will be buying it again, on my next trip through COSTO.  Good with meat dishes - we had Dijon mustard mushroom sauce filets with a sauteed cabbage dish that this complimented quite well - lots of full flavors - and our hosts V and T prefer Californian and German wines, so the Argentinian Malbec was a welcomed sojourn into neutral territory enjoyed by all.

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