Monday, March 28, 2011

Agnes Obel - Philharmonics

Agnes Obel - Philharmonics
Falling Catching - instrumental
Riverside - tres triste
Brother Sparrow
Just So
Close Watch - is a very touching, sad song
Over The Hill - if I listened to this 10 or 12 times, I might just take up a heroine habit
On Powdered Ground - "Don't break your back on the track" coincident with the high piano rhythms reminiscent of a rail road crossing do a wonderful job on the subconscious.

[Listening again to it this afternoon, without any Cognac in my system, has nearly brought a tear to my eye.... oh man]

Agnes Obel is sort of like a like a young, Danish, Tori Amos, without the disturbed childhood over-tones... a slight accent, but barely detectable. Some of her vocal hint at a Cocteau Twins influence, in tone, but not as ethereal.   Deeply emotional tones run through her singing.  Very well produced.  I saw her on a German television program briefly last week - prior to this I was unaware of her work.  On Air France, she is loaded into the CD area, along with Neil Young (Crazyhorse), The Doors, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and others.  Her Philharmonics album cover photo makes her look like a very young Julie Andrews, with a Peter Pan-esque hair cut, 'deep in thought' somewhat haunted expression on her pretty face, with a l'air of tortured sadness.

If you've not heard of Agnes Obel, check out her work.   I find it quite moving.

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