Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In what world Brit?

I was doing yoga in the living room yesterday as I watched President Obama make his speech on Libya.  As soon as it ended, I switched over to Fox news to see what kind of conniptions O'Reilly would have.  Amazingly, Bill actually agreed with the President for the most part, but O'Falafel's ego could not resist taking little snide pot shots here and there.  After his little diatribe 'talking points memo" pulpit, he spoke with the mental midget Brit Hume, Sr Analyst.  Ha.  At one point, Bill actually said that the Iraq war hurt the US image abroad, and I thought Hume was going to vomit in his revulsion and rejection of such an idea.  Hume spat out the following retort:

00:06:37    But I think that -- I think the world resented America.
00:06:43    And you correct me if you disagree.
00:06:46    You jump right.
00:06:46    In I think the world resented America for the Iraq conflict.
00:06:51    Would you say that's accurate.
00:06:52    >> I think some parts of the world that's true.
00:06:56    >> Bill: The majority of the world.
00:06:57    If you look poll after poll after poll, country after country that war hurt america's image. 

In what world Brit?

As I did yoga poolside today, I couldn't stop thinking about it.  Not Europe, Asia, South America, Canada, or Mexico.  Not in Australia, or India, or anywhere in South Asia.  Maybe in Saudi Arabia?  Kuwait?  Not Iran or Pakistan or even in Israel.   What part of the world Brit?

And it's really weird when O'Falafel is DEFENDING President Obama, as one of the more rational voices on Fox.  Very strange indeed.

It's amusing to watch the massive, flip flopping, about-faces on all the wanna-be Republican Presidential candidates, Senators, and Congress people, who are determined to try to perceive and paint Obama as the WORST President EVER, even when they agree with what he just did.  Priceless.

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