Saturday, March 26, 2011

Frost Delays Superstition Bloom

Our friend Tim is visiting this weekend, and we all drove out to the "Lost Dutchman" state park in the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix, expecting to see massive wild flower blooms.   There were some yellows, and tiny tiny patches of a few purple blooms here and there, but in general, almost no wild flowers.  The recent frosts in January, February, and early March (very unusual for the Phoenix valley) appear to have delayed or perhaps eliminated the spectacular wild flower blooms that typically blanket the hill sides and mountain slopes.

We DID see no shortage of birds, WWII vintage air craft flying over head (Hellcats) and other hikers, some of whom were endangering their elementary aged school children on dangerous rock face climbs (without safety gear, planning, or common sense).  The weather was a light breezy 73F with about 20% relative humidity, and just a few puffy little clouds over head.  Wonderful hiking weather indeed.

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