Sunday, March 20, 2011

Get the Pizza

If you are dining in Belfort France on a Sunday night, and you happen to go into the ONLY restaurant that is open (Tratorria de la Petite Fontaine) get the Pizzza.   DO NOT get the Etrecote de Marsala.  Unless, that is, you like highly grisled, thin, SWEET, unpleasant entrecote Marsala.  The wine was good, the service was good, but the main dish, ew, I cannot recommend.   I HAVE had the pizza there in years past and it WAS good, but I am a low carb guy now, and I did not enjoy the entrecote Marsala that had vanilla, caramel and very sweet flavors - ew!

Man, it is hard to be low carb in France, where the making and serving of awesome bread is a national tradition. 

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