Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Anna's Gone

My girl friend Anna has forsaken me.  I did yoga poolside this afternoon, in 73F ambient, 10% relative humidity, and a gentle 5 mph breeze.  The FSM was seen in one of the scattered clouds over-head (Ramen!)... but Anna was on none of her perches around the yard.  Several brightly plumed male hummingbirds dove in to the lavender and aloes to slurp up the deliciousness therein, so I know it is not for a "lack of food" that Anna's no longer keeping vigilance in the yard. 

In the middle of my series of sit ups, a DID hear a familiar chirp-chirp-chirp from the aloe behind me, and turning, I saw a female Anna's Hummingbird drinking from some of the aloe, but after a quick drink, she darted off Eastward over the house, uninterested in the nectar feeders and familiar ocotillo perch on which I'd grown used to seeing Anna.  Perhaps she's got a tic-tac sized egg in a nest of spider webs that she's roosting upon somewhere in the area.  I wish her well, and honestly, I will miss her.

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