Thursday, March 24, 2011

French anti wash cloth & shower curtain policy?

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I do not understand why the French are so anti wash cloth, and anti shower curtain? What is it with the French and their cultural refusal to provide wash cloths for customers who stay in French hotels?   Sure, if it is a Hilton or Hyatt or some US based chain, and it is located in France, there's wash clothes. But for the Novotels, Ibis, Accors, Mercures, Sofitels, and others... one has to use a medium sized hand towel, 1 foot x 2 foot in size.  Sure that makes washing one's back extremely easy, but it's really huge, and if a wash cloth Was available, I'd use it. 

Same with a shower curtain.  Why the prohibition against water splashing out of the shower?  I can understand the incorrect assumption francais that in a bath tub, one should be sitting or crouched or kneeling or something, and MAYBE there's less splashing ... but in a stand up shower, to provide only a 1/2 width piece of glass to guard the sink from splashing from the shower assures that there will be a large puddle on the floor at the non-curtained, unprotected, walk in shower entrance.  It's a recipe for water damage.  Maybe it is because there's not a whole lot of extremely tall Frenchmen in the population now a days - since the tallest ones were picked off by German snipers in the trenches of WWI, and not given a chance to reproduce and pass on their taller genes?  I don't know.

The Germans, Dutch, Italians, Spanish, English and Swiss tend to provide whole shower curtains or whole sliding glass doors, and not the halfsies the French have embraced.  Most of the other Western European hotels give you a wash cloth, or something the size of a handkerchief, or a loofah to wash your epidermis. So what is it with the French prohibition on wash cloths and shower curtains?

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