Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bordeaux Superior & Yoga Sunset

There's something VERY relaxing about doing yoga at sunset in a French hotel room accompanied by a double magnum (yes, that's 3 liters of awesome wine) of Bordeau Superior, after a 5 hour hike around the small city of Belfort France.   They have this centuries ld fort that has resisted the invading Prussians (Germans) and Austrians for centuries,and it has a giant lion sculpted into the side of the fort by Auguste Bartholdi - the same guy who sculpted the Statue of Liberty that reside close to New Jersey in the Hudson Riverbut is claimed by New York and ANY French influence is sadly forgotten.

You see, my old friend and colleague François purchased and held this bottle for me, for 8 years, in his cave. He and his wonderful wife had dinner with me Friday night here in Belfort, and we opened the double magnum, and put a dent in it.  Aftr I took them to the train station (garre) Saturday night for their vacation (by train) to Venice, I consumed some more of the bottle and pre and post yoga today, I had another glass.  I'll certainly finish the Bois Malot before I leave Wednesday.
 It's a 2000, which is famous in Bordeaux for excellent quality and flavor, and this double magnum does not disappoint.  I've got it on the window sill as the ambient temp is 7 to 12 C which is virtually cave temperature.   I'll need to remove it before dawn sun ras begin to heat it Monday morning.

Good wine is BEST enjoyed with good friends, and this  bottle exemplified this axiom.  

In the upper picture, you can see a tiny bit of cork (bouchon) that has broken off. when I tried (unsuccessfully) to withdraw the cork in my hotel room Saturday night.   LUCKILY, Cyrille, the bar keep and proprietor at La Voile Sucree near my hotel thought I was an honest face. and lent me a cork screw (une sommelier)  to withdraw the broken cock.    La Voile Sucree is a WONDERFUL tea bar, that you should visit if you are in Belfort and love tea (as I do).  I wass so grateful to Cyrille that I took the double magnum to his tea bar and poured him a glass, as I returned the borrowed sommelier.  Their tea (The') infusions are wonderful!
A 5 hour hike, awesome wine, a lovely sunset, beautiful weather, and a multiple-centuries old fort... it was a good Sunday.

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