Thursday, March 24, 2011

French Table Wine Is Superior To German Premium Wine

The worst French Wine served in France is better than the best German wines served at 5 star hotels.

I tried to keep an open mind, and drink German wines while in Germany.  I wanted to expand my pallet to and get a better appreciation for Rhein Wines, Baden Wines, and other vintages produced in the land famous for their beer drinking and their sweet Rieslings.  Instead, what I got were bad head aches - sometimes before the glass was finished, sometimes later that evening. In the middle of the night, each night, after having one or two different types of German wine (a glass or two, not 1 or 2 bottles), I woke up with a nasty head ache.  Wine is not supposed to give you "whiskey head".  Ew.

I will not be adding German wines to my recommended red wine list any time soon after the 4 I tried while in Deutschland.

Let the Germans and Belgians stick to beer, and the French, Spanish, and Italians stick to wine.


  1. It looks like you had a bad experience with German wine :(
    Riesling is usually a wonderful wine...

    Rocket French

  2. I agree Cathy, Rieslings are usually wonderful, though sometimes too sweet for my pallet. The so called "5 star" hotel in Hannover was the true let-down. One would think that their wine list would have been better, being so fancy-smanshy a venue, but alas, it was not.


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