Friday, September 17, 2010

SCOTS Rhythm Room 16 Sept 2010

Southern Culture On The Skids played the Rhythm Room here in Phoenix last night (16 Sept 2010), playing tunes off their new album Kudzu Ranch. It was an awesome show, with a wide variety crowd in attendance.

There were some kids in their 20s, some aging Goths in their 30s and 40s, some AARP members, the traditional cadre of drunks, lots and lots of couples, Mary Huff's relatives from Page Arizona, and of course, Dr Desert Flower (looking very hot and dancing deliciously, I might add) and I. DDF even got up and danced on stage to the classic "8 pc Box" which was followed by "Daddy Was A Preacher & Momma Was A Go Go Girl", where she showed the other girls how to dance, and throw chicken into the mouths of adoring fans! It was a fun time.

I'd just returned from a 2 week trip to South Carolina for business, and was jet lagged - so instead of drinking alcohol, I experienced my first SCOTS concert in 20 years completely sober. OK, I had a 5 hour energy drink in me, and lots of water... but wow, the concert was really good. After nearly a 1/4 century, they were tight. Rick, Dave, and Mary played a 5 song encore, and wrapped up at 11:15 (not bad for a 'school night').

I saw them last year in Reno at the Nugget (a year ago, tomorrow), but it had been 3 years since DDF last saw them with me down at Plush, in Tucson.

The tinnitus in my left ear has almost subsided... =)

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