Wednesday, September 22, 2010

25 Stitches In The Ear

What do 25 stitches in a cat's ear look like, the day after surgery to remove a massive aural hematoma? It's not pretty, or fun, or cheap. Our 16 year old cat had an ear swollen up the size of a tennis ball, with a yeast infection. She was pretty pathetic. The estimated $250 surgery is now nearly a thousand dollars, when you add in drugs and post surgical care... so we won't be going to the Rally To Restore Sanity. Oh well.

And if your feline has some kind of surgery that requires a collar to be put on its neck, don't get one of the hard plastic ones shown here that the vet provided if your cat is ornery & geriatric. She tried so hard to rub the collar off with her forearm, that she took off all the hair and most of the skin. Her raw forearm needs bandaging now too =(

When Dr Desert Flower gets home we're gonna try to change out the hard plastic for a "Comfy Cone" I got at Petco this afternoon. Hopefully it'll be a kinder and gentler solution, while also keeping her back claws from getting to the stitched ear.

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