Friday, September 3, 2010

Sammy Watson's Formidable Stick Control

My son introduced me to the music of The Apex Theory about 8 years ago when he was in high school. I used to listen to their stuff often... but with the advent of iPods, Dr Desert Flower's being the predominant source plugged into the stereo on car trips and on weekends at home, I'd not listened to The Apex Theory in some time. I've heard my son play this, without accompaniment, on drum set (and with a single bass drum pedal). I admit, I cannot replicate this frenetic technique... (eg 2:13 mark) but the young guys now a days who can, my hat's off to them. It is sad that The Apex Theory never gained larger acceptance. I really like their stuff, and though Sammy Watson is not on my top 22 list, he's still darn good.

Listen here... (link here) to "Shhh... Hope Diggy" at the 0:20, 0:54, 1:14. 2:40 marks

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