Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tempe Fall Frenzy 2010

2 weeks from now, What used to be Tempe Town lake (until the dam exploded), and is now Tempe Town mud bog and mosquito breeding ground, will host the "Arizona Fall Frenzy '10". STP, the Cult (with lead singer Ian Astbury sporting his new hip replacement [seriously]), Weezer (one of DDF's iPod favorites), Sublime (sans heroine), Primus, and Devo will be playing on September 17th and 18th. I am 99% sure that DDF will drag me to one of the Tempe shows. After we see SCOTS on the 16th at the Rhythm Room, I will be wiped out. I'll try to get in the mood here...
STP - link here (I am.. I am.. I am.....)
Devo - link here (Freedom of Choice)
Primus - link here ("Jerry Was a Race Car Driver", from Sailing The Seas of Cheese - the hardest guitar part of the lot, and the Tim Alexander's got best stick control of the bunch with single handed rolls... "dog will hunt" ...I last saw these guys at Lalapalooza in Charlotte NC in the 90s)
Sublime - link here
The Cult - link here (supposedly the pelvic thrusting turns the girls on at the 3:43 mark, without his walker on stage)

il faut voir

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