Monday, September 13, 2010

Affordabike Charleston SC

In Charleston SC Saturday, my son and I went to Affordabike on King Street to get some spare tires and tubes for my bicycling progeny. Nice bike shop, with helpful & friendly staff who don't treat their customers like the disrespectful "IT guy" from SNL. We got 'gatorskin' polyaramid (Kevlar) tires (that are hard to put on, but indestructible), spare tubes, and gloves (to reduce the amount of one's palm's skin left on 200 year old brick and pavement).

What impressed me at the shop, was the cash register. It was a Macbook, with a USB credit card reader. Fast, efficient, very nice. I'd never seen one before, and I am sure I ill see many in the future.

If you're in Charleston and want to build your own bike, rent an affordable one, get good, personal advice on your bike, purchase high quality parts, and have friendly service, go to Affordabike at the North end of Kings Street. If you waned to be treated like merde, ripped off, and sneered at about questions on your bike, go elsewhere in Charleston.

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