Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It Is Awesome To Have A Son Who Drums Well

My son and I used to play this in the bonus room above the garage in our home back in South Carolina before Dr Desert Flower and I moved to Arizona.  2 sets of head phones, 2 drum sets (black sun, black moon, 2 snakes facing each other!)... "La Villa Strangiato" off of Rush's 1978 album Hemispheres... One of The Most Fun songs for a father & son to drum to.
"According to Lee, "We spent more time recording 'Strangiato' than the entire Fly By Night album. It's recorded in one take but it took 40 takes to get it right!"

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  1. I used to play guitar to this incessantly when I lived in Chico. One of my favorite instrumentals of all time.


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