Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yankee Candle Lesser Known Aromas

As the Holiday Season approaches, our US Mailbox becomes ever increasingly filled with multitudes of catalogues.  One of Dr Desert Flower's favorites, is Yankee Candle.  Some of their scents are pretty good, pleasant, practical.  Others... I wonder about.  So I came up with a few of my own, that I might suggest to YC.

Proposed Yankee Candle Scents:
85W gear box oil
Canada Air Jet Overflowing Lavatory
Dead Mouse Behind Dry Wall
Doused Axe Body Spray
Feral Tom Cat
Funyun Flatulence
Green Baby Diaper
New Year's Eve Steaming Kitchen Grease Pit
Paper Mill
Passenger Seat Vomit
Roadkill Muskrat
Roadkill Skunk
Sink Trap
Smelling Salts
Sulfur Springs
Used Litter Box
Week Old Car Trunk Pork Chops
Week Old Ruptured Appendix
Yellow Baby Diaper

Regional Favorites
East Chicago Sewage Treatment Plant
Kentucky Hog Farm
North Charleston (a mixture of salt marsh, phosphate plant, and paper mill)
Terre Haute (a mixture of tri-methyl amine, creosote, and ammoniom hydrate)
Riverside Chongqing
South West Phoenix Dairy Farm
Whiting Indiana (a mixture of Amoco refinery, chemical processing, and sewage treatment)

Subtle Scents
Cheap Paris Hotel Brie
Freshman Male Dorm
MiniVan Sun Dried Strawberry Milk
Hotel Room Carpet
Old Hippee
Salt Marsh
SF Bay Sea Lions

Do you have any other suggestions?  Is there one you'd like to place on advanced order?

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