Friday, July 17, 2009

Thank You Dick Lugar

Dick Lugar, the senior republican U.S. senator represented my native state of Indiana for more than 20 years - when I was an 8 year old Hoosier he got elected, and has remained in that seat ever since. Today, he was the first one of the republicans to endorse Sonia Sotormayor for the SCOTUS. Yeah, judge Sotormayer barely stands up to legal giants like Harriet Miers (clueless). She's more similar to the empathetic & proclaimed moderate temperament of Samuel Alito (though she'll probably not buddy up with Scalia on as many opinions as Alito does), and sort of the antithesis of every major corporation's friend, John Roberts (just try, try really hard, to find any ruling he's ever made, that went against a corporation).

So an expensive, useless, no-value-added 4 day circus of confirmation hearings has ended, that certainly could have lasted 1 day, tops. Get on with it ladies and gentlemen. There's lots of work to be done!

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