Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obama corrects his previous mistake for Surgeon General pick

Let Sanjay Gupta go look for 'patient zero' sensationally in Mexico. I'm very happy that CNN's 'medical correspondent' declined. Dr. Regina Benjamin hopefully will be confirmed soon. This crusader for the indigent and under-served rural & poor communities should bring a superb perspective to the SG position. Even Fox has nice things to say about her! As does AP/Yahoo, and the Washington Post and of course, Huffington.

It'll be interesting to see how Glen Beck, Dimbulb, InsanityHannity, and other mouth pieces criticize this choice.

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  1. And I am SO GLAD that THIS UK Teen Sex Pleasure Pamphlet is not being published by Clinton's or Obama's health Department. Wow. I don't disagree with the essence of the message, but it is political arsenic to publish such a thing.


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