Thursday, July 30, 2009

She wore pants!?!?!

Pharyngula has a nice piece here about a Sudanese woman wearing pants to dinner, and receiving 40 lashes as punishment for doing so. I heard today on the radio that a retired Air Force general who is heading up the US relief efforts in Khartoum was stating that the US embargoes are making things worse, and that the genocide is over - contrary to the United States' UN Ambassador's position. I don't have an official position pro or anti embargo or relief, but I do appreciate when people wear pants to dinner, hiding their naked butts, or their stained under wear, and allowing me to sit down without having to bring my own towel to sit upon.

She wore pants!?!?! Did she "Plow on Sunday" as well?


  1. I don't understand why fundamentalist men of any stripe are so afraid of women!

  2. I think it is because they have tiny little bitty balls, and are so repressed sexually, that they get all freaked out and don't know what to do when they see a bare ankle, or hear the clicking of heels on pavement, or are faced with a real choice at the ballot box. It's itty bitty balls, and mother issues, in my perspective.

    I'm glad I'm not one of them!

  3. Abject fear of female sexuality. It is pathetic.

    I once read: "Men fear that women will laugh at them. Women fear that men will rape & murder them."

  4. too much fear, all around.

    A little more self confidence, a little less blind faith based upon myths, and the male fundies should be able, one day, to over come their deficiencies. (yeah, right).

    A little more self defense training, a lot more self confidence, better laws, and more support from the non-fundy males, and hopefully, women will be able to over-come their fears.

    If I had a daughter, she'd be a black belt, have a concealed carry permit. If I ever have a grand daughter, as her Dzia Dzia, I will encourage her self defense training and weapons proficiency so she can worry less, and maybe someday, be the lead in a "Resident Evil" sequel, part 27.

  5. Religion of most types is about scaring you into submission and controlling all aspects of your life...especially procreation. Anything that threatens religion's hegemony of the mind is immediately verbotten. The more pious the order/person/sect/commune, the more maniacal the rules.


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