Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bill Kristol Believes The US Federal Government Can Provide the World's Best Health Care

More Right Wing hypocrisy - no surprise, as they're a gigantic herd of hypocrites generally, but the editor of the Weekly Standard stated emphatically on TDS Monday night, that US soldiers get great health care (he's never been to my brother-in-law's local VA hospital evidently) and they deserve the best health care. Jon Stewart calls him on it, and Weasel Kristol tries to squirm out of what he just stated, but it's impossible. the extended, un-cut interview is here.

I cannot stand people who are So Convinced and Absolutely Sure of their extremely biased opinion, as Kristol is (and Goldberg, Tracinski, Hush Dimbulb, and Olbermann, and other extremists on both sides) - those who believe there is so very little gray anywhere, and their way is the only way. I do love how Jon Stewart makes this weasel squirm, and "ugh, ugh, ugh {nervous smile}, heh heh {more nervous smiling}" whenever he is on.

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