Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sessions, you're way out-matched

"SESSIONS: Do you stand by your statement that my experiences affect the facts I choose to see?

SOTOMAYOR: No, sir. I don't stand by the understanding of that statement that I will ignore other facts or other experiences because I haven't had them. I do believe that life experiences are important to the process of judging. They help you to understand and listen but that the law requires a result. And it would command you to the facts that are relevant to the disposition of the case. "

Jeff, if you're gonna try and pick a fight with a highly qualified, extremely experienced, wise Latina Federal Appeals Court Judge, be ready to admit defeat and eat crow when she calmly, sweetly, with a smile, deconstructs your accusations to reveal you sir, for the ignorant cracker you really are. Compared to the unqualified racist buffoon that you were when you were nominated by Reagan for a Federal Judgeship, Sotomayor's replies to your pathetic attacks is like her bringing a mini-gun to a knife fight.


  1. I really love the caption on the mini-gun link! LOL!

  2. I liked how Seesions tried to use some quotes by and about a judge named Cedarbaum against her, and she basically said Cedarbaum's my friend, she's here to see me get confirmed , and you are an asshole, Foghorn Leghorn.


  3. I would not call him Foghorn Leghorn. That was the former Jr Senator from South Carolina, Fritz, I say, Fritz, I say Fritz Hollings. No, sessions is more like Kevin Spacey's character 'Jim WIlliams', the gay arts dealer, in "Garden of Good and Evil". http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119668/ ...except with ALOT more racism and stupidity thrown in.


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