Friday, July 10, 2009

Rosado Viña Rubican 2007

Rosado Viña Rubican 2007 Denominación de Origen Navarra Bodegas Corellanas
Total Wine - Alfio Moriconi Selection
$8 (yeah, a whole eight dollars - you could choke down a nasty magnum of Yellowtail for that)

Summer time in Phoenix can get really hot, and I learned many years ago, that a cool Rosé wine can be awesome on a very hot day, enjoyed in the shade, poolside. I found Bodegas Corellanas's Viña Rubican, Denominación de Origen Navarra at Total Wine in South Carolina, and recently had a bottle here in Arizona as well. Light, crisp, refreshing, smooth, with a lovely finish. Dr Desert Flower and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only other reviewer I could find online didn't like it, but that's his problem. I recommend it, if you're looking for a refreshingly cool Rosé to enjoy in hot weather.

And once again, the government regulations that the Spanish have imposed on their wine industry, make buying a Denominación de Origen wine a much easier call. No nasty vinegar or brake fluid here.

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