Friday, July 31, 2009

Best Apricots I've Ever Tasted

Heck, the best dried fruit I've ever had the privilege of tasting, ever. Last Sunday, I was in Decatur Georgia (pronounced, "dick hater" due to the significant numbers of women who live an alternative same-sex lifestyle who reside there), and my buddy Ryan took me to the "Dekalb Farmer's Market". Previously, I had assumed this Farmer's Market was the traditional dozen or several dozen local farmers, in a cordoned off city block, selling their locally grown produce. Au contraire!

The place was the size of a Super Walmart, with entire sections dedicated to dried fruit, nuts, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, breads (Naan, pitas, tortillas, etc), and gigantic counters of sea food, meats, salads, hummus, you name it - all bustling with shoppers of varied classes and ethnicities. It was a wonderful food store, with employs who represented much of the United Nation's variety of membership.

Anyways, I was there to look for dried apricots, banana chips, dried mango for my business trip snacks, if I could find them, as well as some cucumbers, pitas, and hummus as appetizers before dinner. Most of the dried fruit they had was sulphurized or made with oils or sugar, which I really don't need or want. But they had these World Direct Turkish Organic Apricots, in 1 lb bags. DAMN! These are THE BEST, most flavorful, sweetest, succulent fruit I've ever tasted. Concentrated flavor, excellent texture, , full of fiber, amazing all around. Dark as dates, sweeter than pineapples and addictive. Organic, and no additional sulphur - all fruit has a tiny bit of sulphur in it, naturally, but too many food suppliers ADD sulphur for preservatives to compensate for inefficient distribution networks. I am trying not to eat more than 3 or 4 a day, as they can act like prunes to the human digestive tract.

And to think, I used to eat granola bars with high fructose corn syrup while I was traveling... Massive Tip O the Hat to my buddy Ryan for this fantastic gastronomic delight!

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