Saturday, July 11, 2009

Candidate Obama vs. President Obama. Hypocrisy in action.

Back in 2003, The Daily Show started running a "Bush vs Bush" segment - man, Jon Stewart aged alot in the last 6 years! It's always acerbic and amusing to see a politician skewered on his own words and blatant hypocrisy, when you didn't vote for the plutocrat.

I've been holding my breath, hoping that the hypocrisy and plutocratic evil tendencies that President Obama's administration has started to exhibit would pass... but they seem to be growing, not diminishing.
Candidate Obama railed against the secretiveness of Bush & Cheney meeting with Oil Executives to write energy policy.
President Obama won't disclose which Coal Executives met at the White House.

Candidate Obama wanted to close Guantanamo - we can't imprison people forever afterall!
President Obama states that some people will be held without trial indefinitely, possibly forever [now granted, I don't think they should be released. I think, if they are seething, vicious, admitted America haters, let them meet their maker]

Candidate Obama spoke clearly and succinctly against warrantless wire tapping.
"There is also little doubt that the Bush Administration, with the cooperation of major telecommunications companies, has abused that authority and undermined the Constitution by intercepting the communications of innocent Americans without their knowledge or the required court orders." [That's pretty damn clear, to me, that he was against it]
President Obama wants to continue the program.

Candidate Obama deeply criticized McCain's vastly unpopular idea of taxing employer provided health insurance to pay for medical coverage for the uninsured.
President Obama won't rule out using that option? WTF? [Now, I would not object to paying $100 or $200 more dollars a year in some kind of tax out of my paycheck to help finance such a plan, but not thousands of dollar a year].

Yes, President Obama IS changing some things - Science is no longer considered a societal evil by the Executive Branch; Inspectors Generals have begun once again to do their jobs; America's reputation abroad is slowly starting to recover; Some level of Competency is being restored to the Federal Government... but damnit, why can't he make a clean break from his bubbling, misguided, incompetent, ignorant, plutocratic predecessor??

My "spidey sense" is not giving me a good feeling about this trend. I hope I am wrong.


  1. It's certainly turning into Clinton redux. And I think it's an artifact of the broken two party system. I had hoped that since Obama was elected largely without corporate money that he'd be different, but it just goes to show: Democrats exist to either lose to Republicans or to implement their policies when they do get elected.

  2. How long (how many life times?) do you think it will take, to get to a truly national scale (not regional or local scale) multi-party politics here in the US? The Dumbocrats and the Rhetoricans have a solid stranglehold on the 2 party system, and they won't give it up. At least I don't see it happening in my lifetime (1/2 of which, from an actuarial stand point, is gone).


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