Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not Center Right Anymore

I caught a few minutes of Hardball last night, when I heard the following:
"MATTHEWS: Michael, I‘ve been convinced in recent reflections that this country is generally right of center, except during crisis, in which we‘re a bit left of center. "

I disagree with Chris Matthews, in that fundamentally, this is NOT a center right country. It used to be, but its center left now. Lack of a government oversight, stupidity and greed running wildly unchecked, no one being punished, and an absentee and incompetent Executive have all soured the "center righters". During times of crisis, it is even more left. Rescue me!

Texas secessionists better not ask for ANY federal aid in fighting a pandemic on their southern border. They don't need Big Government helping them! They're Texans! Not hypocrites... right? Send those Tamiflu injections back to the CDC, or, only give them to registered Democrats around Austin and in the border counties.

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