Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Best High Quality Italian Meal Deal in America for Two People

Last night, for Dr. Desert Flower's 31st birthday, we went to Maggianos in Scottsdale, and ordered the "Family Style" menu. Yes, they're a chain, but a damn delicious, high quality, customer-centric service chain. For $29 it is all you can eat (looking at the menu at the link provided, you see all those "choose 2" notes). This does not mean it's an opportunity to gorge, but rather, to chose 2 foods from each group, sample each as much as you desire, and they happily package the rest to take home in doggy bags. We have 9 doggy bags (two paper grocery bags, plus 1/2 a bottle of Chianti in a third bag) that will be lunches and dinners for the next 3 days.

For 2 people, it is a massive feast, and a fridge of left-overs. For 3 people, it is a moderate feast, and a few left-overs. For 4 or more, it's a wonderful meal served family style with as much as you want, and perhaps a few items that could not be finished to take home. We've got stuffed mushrooms, caesar & spinach salads, gnocchi, rigatoni, chicken picatta, lobster fettuccine and tiramisu awaiting us. MMMMM... did Pavlov ring a bell somewhere?

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  1. "31st birthday"? Here I always thought Dr. Desert Flower was Traci. ;)


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