Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good news on a busy Tuesday

my son just called me, to let me know he's gainfully employed as a research scientist in Charleston. It's welcomed news to this father, that for more than 2 decades Dr. Desert Flower and I have been supporting and encouraging and guiding him as parents do, and he's made it through school, obtained a degree, and has secured gainful employment (relevant to that degree), without any spontaneous fertility experiences, expulsions, life threatening maladies / injuries, or justice system convictions - Happy Day! He'll be working in a research laboratory, not asking someone if they want whipped cream on their latte, or "fries with that", or hauling balloons as a drug mule up from Baja - not that there's anything wrong with the food related service industries, it's just refreshing that he's doing interesting scientific work that he's excited about.

The Dr. and I head to the College of Charleston graduation ceremony next week, and then 2 relaxing (hopefully) days at the beach thereafter.


  1. Awesome news! Congrats to him... and you.

    On a selfish note... this all makes me feel really f-ing old.

    Have fun in SC. I miss the Carolina coast and the cool southern cities like Charleston. Can't wait to go back and visit NC this summer.

  2. Holy cow Matt! I guess you remember when he was just a little toddler in Spartanburg pointing to "daddy's beer" and "uncle Matt's beer" in the refrigerator....We're all getting old....

  3. Congrats to Chris! You guys done good...and all it cost was one Honda, many thousands of dollars, and lots of sleepless nights.

  4. I think my first memory of Chris was late summer of '88 (maybe '89_ at the Michelin US3 Engineering picnic. He was fascinated by my glasses and tried to yank at them whilst Joe was holding him nearby.


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