Monday, April 13, 2009

Mahler revives Faith For Phoenix Symphony

Last Saturday, Dr. Desert Flower and I went to the Phoenix Symphony to hear Wagner, Golijov & Mahler. I honestly was not enthusiastic after attending a DVORÁK / MENDELSSOHN performance last month that was really quite lack-luster, figuring Saturday night would be more of the same. The Wagner piece was ok. The Osvaldo Golijov works, accompanied by soprano Jessica Rivera, and was inspiring, but there was a Very Heavy Breather sitting beside me, who's Every Exhale grated upon my consciousness.

After intermission, I selected seats in row 19 (we were in row 21), and Mahler's Symphony No.4 began. Wow! Acoustically powerful, dramatically presented, enthusiastically played, beautifully presented. Maybe it was a combination of the removal of the Heavy Breather, or that row 19 didn't have a balcony overhanging it to mute the range of perceptible dynamics (though just 2 rows, should not have had THAT strong of an effect), I don't know. Prior to the Golijov piece, I was on the fence about ever going to the Phoenix Symphony ever again. After hearing the Mahler dynamically performed, we will certainly be getting tickets for next year.

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