Friday, April 10, 2009

40 pages to make all Americans so very proud

This 40 page ICRC report on Guantánamo Bay prisoner torture by US Military and CIA personnel makes me so very proud as an American. To think that just 10 years ago everyone was so worked up over Monica's blue dress, and how terrible that was! My my, as a nation, we've come such a long way forward. Thanks W, Dick Cheney, John Woo, and David Addington! What an awesome legacy! And I wonder, what kind of award would Al Qaeda give for "recruiter of the year"?

Now granted, about 1/2 of what is in the report, is unpleasant, not nice, and mean, and perhaps not "torture". 'Forced Shaving', 'Use of Handcuffs and Shackles', 'Loud Music', 'Lack of Exercise', 'Lack of access to religious materials', and some 'Threats' are sort of 'status quo' when you're a prisoner, anywhere in the world. The beatings, the suffocation, sleep deprivation, and total solitary confinement for months, are physically and mentally torturous. Having medical personnel there to monitor vital signs when suffocating prisoners by water, or having them stand on their one remaining leg for days and monitoring the swelling in the leg... that's sadistic, unproductive, misguided, and evil - illustrative of the men who ordered it, and authored bogus legal briefs allowing it.

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