Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Masterful Speech

If you missed President Obama's speech last night to the joint session of Congress, here's the transcript. This leader knows how to speak, frankly, directly, plainly, relating to real people. Not just rich mfs as W did. Truly an impressive address (as noted last month as well) by one who has a attained a mastery of the English language and it's use to motivate a nation.

Meanwhile, flavor of the month Jindal makes such a ridiculous republican talking-points response, the SNL version this weekend should be quite hilarious! Once again he spoke of a potential magnetic train from Vegas to Anaheim as if it was fact, when it is still conjecture. He derided "volcano monitoring" as misguided / wasteful. Hey Jindal, didja realize that NOAA monitors volcanoes??? You know, NOAA, the ones who accurately warned your state about the intensity of HURRICANE KATRINA? Yeah, we don't need ACCURATE SCIENCE to help make our lives easier and avert disasters, let's just pray instead. This types of puppets who just regurgitate the same RNC talking points without offering substantive alternatives need to STFU.


  1. With Palin, Jindal, Sanford and Steele being marketed as the future of the Republican Party, I think the Dems are looking at a long reign. Never underestimate the idiocy of the Republican leadership.

  2. Krugman aptly likens the volcano-monitoring criticism to a "Beavis and Butthead" approach.


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